Our work

Our work

High quality & secure e-Health solutions

KnowL Solutions started with quality-improvement in the healthcare sector in a variety of ways:

  • Providing solutions to make everyday tasks in healthcare easier
  • Providing collaborative solutions to broaden and deepen the health-related knowledge
  • Facilitating research by providing educational resources to develop expertise
  • Connecting information from healthcare, clients, patients, caregivers, volunteers and trainees
  • By developing technology and systems that are intuitive and easy-to-use for individual organisations to optimise their performance whilst still retaining your unique identity 

“Finally something for us, it seems that we are always forgotten. Now I can find our hygiene code in no time. This wont'work for me on Intranet and now I immediately know what this means and what I have to do.”
Colleagues restaurant Myosotis

KnowL Solutions is driven to constantly improve the health system by supporting personnel in their everyday tasks. We understand different organisations and people have diverse needs which is why our solutions are customised to provide the best support to our clients. This understanding also enables us to use our systems in developing countries to enhance their health systems.

Our specialised team is focussed on building safe and high-quality E-health solutions to improve the efficacy and enjoyment of working in the health sector. This includes our KnowL platform for content, apps for healthcare workers, systems to support everyday tasks and apps for patients.

Our user-friendly and safe solutions are combined with never-ending innovation to deliver performance-enhancing solutions now and into the future.

KnowL HealthCare Solutions

The heart of our mission is to support sustainable healthcare development

Healthcare is a knowledge-driven industry, but we believe this knowledge needs to be easily accessible and applied effectively to make a true difference to the healthcare of patients. Our user-friendly digital solutions enable professionals to learn when and where they wish, provide access to relevant information and provide ample opportunity to further develop individual learning strategies.

This not only encourages lifelong learning within organisations but also contributes to the quality of healthcare and to the job satisfaction of personnel working in the healthcare sector.

Our content

The collaboration of our clients, user-community and associated experts means we have extensive content available on our platform. This enables your organisation to quickly discover customised solutions and obtain information that suit your specific needs.


Our professional team

KnowL is our user-friendly innovative digital solutions platform based on artificial intelligence (AI), and algorithm technology. KnowL Solutions is entirely digital; our team works together online from different locations in the EU. This allows us to utilise expertise from different people to generate local solutions for our clients.

How we work

              1. We listen to your goals, ambitions and expectations
              2. We understand the diverse needs of your organisation
              3. We guide you through the full process of integrating the KnowL platform
              4. You utilise the solutions and knowledge KnowL provides in your practical work
              5. You see visible results
              6. The collaborative innovation of KnowL is ongoing and futureproof 

Worldwide impact - KnowL Foundation

Sustainable healthcare development is a global challenge. Our digital technology can be applied anywhere. This includes countries where the healthcare system is more vulnerable, where we continue to invest through our KnowL Foundation to provide solutions. We are committed to apply the lessons learnt from each implementation to further develop and improve our systems.