About us

Our Mission

Online development for offline results – helping organisations and professionals reach their own intellectual potential through our knowledge-enhancing software. We make learning accessible 24/7, engaging and easy.

Our Vision

We believe that learning and development needs to be personalised. Our digital solutions provide flexibility for professionals to learn anytime and anywhere.

We understand that learning and development originates from everyday scenarios. This is why our solutions are designed to be practical to support everyday operations and provide the drive for ongoing personal development.

We believe in straight-forward, intuitive systems that provide fast and optimal solutions to suit your needs.

How we work

We value our strong relationships with our clients and your vision and goals guide our work and solutions. We are committed to providing customised, innovative digital solutions to suit your organisation’s individual needs. Our user-friendly system also means delivering on time and within budget.

Meet our team

Rob van Abeelen

Microsoft certified Tech Lead

Martine Hemstede

Senior Content Lead

Jaap Mollema

Microsoft Certified Concept Lead

Virtual team; let's grow together

At KnowL we are passionate about sharing knowledge and developing together by implementing our practical solutions. We’re building a (virtual) culture where amazing people (just like you) can perform at the top of their game and thrive in an environment of expertise, diversity and knowledge.

If you’re ready to grow your career and help organisations flourish, then you have come to the right place!

Build your knowledge with KnowL today!

Careers at KnowL Solutions

We are always looking for talented people to join our collaborative team and work with us. If this sounds like you, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Who we are

We are a Dutch company with an international, cheerful team spread across various locations in the EU. Our team works together virtually and work on site with our clients. Our clients appreciate our enthusiasm and speed at which we work, which is reflected in our motto: “if we can’t do it how we intended it to be, then it will have to be done to make it work, but issues will always be solved.” The results we achieve are well recognised in our track-record. 

We deliver high-quality, secure webapp- and app- based solutions to develop knowledge, learn and provide information management. We are leading the way with our modern technology and our solutions are always very user-friendly and made with our client’s specific needs in mind. This means our information and solutions truly work for you.

Talents we’re looking for

Remote Developers and coders who have experience with:
  • Developing content and E-learning tools
  • MicroServices Based Backend and API’s
  • API’s based on FHIR
  • Angular 2+ with CSS
  • ReactNative for cell phones


Why join our team?

  • We’re the first organisation that has made working virtually the norm
  • You’ll be working together in a team of experts who all share a love for building software and quality solutions, just like you
  • We utilise SCRUM processes to promote team performance and focus on delivering high-quality results at the end of each ‘sprint’
  • Routine overtime work is not part of the deal. If your team has additional work to do, this is brought up with management instead of working late
  • Our team members and collaboration are at the heart of our organisation. We recognise your valuable contribute and find this more important than the work processes and procedures
  • Flexible working hours and an engaging, enabling work environment ar basic requirements for our workspace
  • We value diversity. Your culture, background and traditions are always respected
  • We want you to grow and flourish when you work with us. Your salary is based on your skills and experience and is reviewed every six months