Empowering your team to tackle tomorrow's challenges should be enjoyable and hassle-free.

Deliver an engaging, integrated knowledge experience with our intuitive system that equips your people with exactly the right information at exactly the right time. KnowL makes this effortless.

We provide on-demand practical solutions and tools to learn on-the-go to enable your people to develop into passionate, high-performing professionals.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform enables managers and personnel to perform at their peak with a range of educational e-learning and performance management tools designed to provide instant information and fit around busy lives.

For managers

Track employees’ progress by using KnowL real-time dashboards and reports: track results and discover gaps in knowledge. Take advantage of our algorithm technology to tailor performance improvements.


For professionals

Learn anytime and anywhere! Challenge yourself and seek relevant answers with instantly accessible information and fun learning opportunities. Join the collaborative space to enhance everyone’s learning.

For the community

Our multitenant solutions make it easy to exchange knowledge with fellow users and organisations within your network whenever you want. Build on another’s experiences to further develop your skills and perform at the top.


Boosted with AI to support you

KnowL learns about your preferences and provides customised, relevant information and solutions for you. Our automatic quiz-tool helps keep your learning and performance on track.

Awards and certificates

We work with state-of-the-art digital technology and our software is certified according to ISO 27001, NEN7510 and FHIR.

Discover how KnowL can improve your organisation’s performance by continuously enhancing the knowledge of your employees.