Our solution principles

KnowL bridges the gap between the potential of the workforce and business requirements
KnowL makes you more effective. Easy access to the right information, support and learning opportunities makes your job easier. It helps you and your organization grow.

Personalized information

Effective learning

Integrated services

Data-driven development

Put the individual employee at the centre and maximise efficiency.

Value everyone’s knowledge & skillset

Close the gap between individual employee development and business-driven development through profiling and personalising of content

Rationalise and integrate applications, simplify the amount of apps

Present a completely hassle-free state-of-the-art application

Provide easy to apply information at the workplace, make it mobile

Give background information for a deep-dive

Move to just-in-time and on the job learning.

Offer traditional learning in a very innovative way, make it fun

Update portfolio’s and offer more

Enhance effectiveness of learning & development

Identify employee’s skills & development requirements

Make content creation fact-driven

Share content across industries whenever possible thus accelerating knowledge flows

Excel in data-driven continuous performance improvement

Provide the integrated data in easy-to-understand clickable dashboards

Get the right steering information to support your strategy & daily operations

Track progress & identify your high performers

In control & compliant

Enhance effectiveness of learning & development

Enhance effectiveness of learning & development

Frequently asked questions

KnowL offers your employees easy access to relevant content, attractive learning opportunities and the platform to share experiences plus best practices.

KnowL offers your organization a secure, stable platform that’s easily integrated with your other systems. KnowL delivers the monitoring data to support your organizations strategy and performance.

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KnowL started in health care and has since then found its way to retail, facility
management and media companies.

Our Microsoft SaaS solution guarantees a competitive price with value-for-money tailor-made additions for your organization.

More information in our pricing plans

We only need 2 weeks between when you say yes and that your first employees start
using KnowL.